Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A return with renewed vigour!

Having read many blogs recently, it is apparent that absence from the blogging world is usually related to problems and Mark's blog (Patou Alpacas) reflects this hypothesis so accurately! It is with this in mind that our return is also based. Our problems however were, amongst others, family related and without going into detail, kept us out of the alpaca world for too long.

Trying to catch up on lost time (in terms of news) is going to be a challenge but suffice to say, our breeding programme is now back on track commencing with today's matings using our two stud boys; Easter-Wood Lawbreakers Legend, sired by Eringa Park Lawbreaker of EPC and Easter-Wood Athos, sired by Cambridge The Chairman of ACC. 2015 is now earmarked for our return to the show ring and a long awaited catch up with our friends and colleagues as the social element plays such a large part of our enjoyment on the show circuit!

Whilst we had to put our alpaca business on the back burner for a while, we haven't been totally idle and  have managed to sell on a large number of our animals to a variety of customers and as a result, we now have a tightly-controlled herd of 13, down from 48. This has made the task of alpaca and farm management much more focused and both Sheila and I relish the development of our business on a better prepared footing in the future.

Signing off for now but will return soon.