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Easter-Wood Alpaca Stud is a family-run, BAS-registered Alpaca breeding enterprise, located in the Royal County of Berkshire. Sheila and Jeff Easter set the company up in mid-2008 when they purchased their first 5 Elite Australian Alpacas.

Monday, 10 August 2009

A visit from Leicester .....

Good morning all.

Our new friends and future Alpaca Breeders from Leicester, Karl & Lisa along with little Lily visited us again yesterday where we spent a busy time conducting vaccinations and toenail cutting for the whole herd! It was hot work especially as the weather turned out exceptionally warm!

Following a quick coffee upon their arrival, we set about firstly vaccinating our latest cria's with Lambivac, a job which was not as straightforward as I thought it would be as they were pretty frisky for them being so young! Anyway, from there it was down to getting stuck into the toenail cutting exercise, a duty that is always challenging particularly when they decide to "kush" down!

Both Karl & Lisa are really looking forward to getting their Alpacas and starting their business and so with a following wind and a bit of luck, they will soon be receiving their first Alpacas on their farm in Liecester which they expect to name "Willowbank Alpacas".

I thought I wouild share the following with you as it seems to have worked for us: One of the better "tips" we had recently from Sheila's sister was to put goldfish into the water trough as they completely rid the trough of all those nasty mosquito larvae and the occasional fly which falls onto the surface. Our water trough has never been so clear.

We have made all the prepartions necessary and are now more than ready to commence our Public Inquiry tomorrow. I will of course report on the outcome.

Will be back soon.


  1. Good luck for tomorrow; I'm sure you won't need it though. We got our planning on appeal in May.

    Irene and Si

  2. Hi Jeff & Sheila, Im posting this as my email has totally crashed!! just wanted to say thank you so much again for a fantastic day, you always make us feel so welcome.
    "Miss Moneypenny" is looking and doing so well, well done to you both with your determination.
    We wish you all the best of look for 2moro, as im sure all who know you will be keeping out fingers crossed.

    Karl, Lisa and Lily

  3. Hope it goes well for you
    Pat & Sid