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Easter-Wood Alpaca Stud is a family-run, BAS-registered Alpaca breeding enterprise, located in the Royal County of Berkshire. Sheila and Jeff Easter set the company up in mid-2008 when they purchased their first 5 Elite Australian Alpacas.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Yet more snow!

The snow came thick and fast (10 inches so far) and it appears that the worst has yet to come but we are quite happy about the way life is treating us right now! Maybe it's the British "stiff upper lip" syndrome but we are quite enjoying the challenge. Our daily routine of feeding, watering, mucking out and letting the alpacas out for the day has taken a new meaning as we are now taking bets about which of the alpacas reaches the paddocks first! The same applies for when they make a dash for the barn when we bring them in for the evening!

I am quite surprised about how quickly they learn where to go......they have now developed an incredible homing attitude, knowing exactly which pen they came out of when leaving the barn in the morning. The exercise of thawing the water buckets and refilling them in this weather is a real challenge however it certainly keeps one fit!

I have posted a few photographs of the farm showing different paddocks. See if you can see any of the alpacas!

This is a view from the west of our farm

This view shows "Ice Cool Lad's" Paddock with our Barn in background

This shows our "wood" with a field shelter shared between two of the paddocks.

Here's our coloured group who have just been put out for the day.

Hope you enjoyed some of the Easter-Wood scenes.


  1. Lovely photos and very clean paddocks! I cannot see a single alpaca pellet gleaming through the snow!
    You must be working very hard to keep it all looking so good in this weather.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Snow makes things a little shinier and the alpacas don't get dirty as easy :-)