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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Good weather, Good progress!

Since our cabin assembly commenced last week, we have been amazed at the rapid progress that can be made and what with the good weather we are currently experiencing, we are set to have the cabin shell completed by the end of next week.

Yesterday and today, we have made great progress in assembling the log walls as can be seen from the photo's.
Yesterday's progress on the log walls
The speed of assembly is very clear by todays' progress
Our "Team"

Tomorrow will be spent on preparing the assembly of the roof and since the timbers for this part of the cabin are even more heavier than the log walls, I am sure that I will end up exacerbating my already aching limbs so I will now close to have a good nights sleep!!

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  1. Well done, it's moving along really well. They are lovely quality buildings aren't they.

    Rob n Les