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Easter-Wood Alpaca Stud is a family-run, BAS-registered Alpaca breeding enterprise, located in the Royal County of Berkshire. Sheila and Jeff Easter set the company up in mid-2008 when they purchased their first 5 Elite Australian Alpacas.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Closer and closer!

First I would like to congratulate Rob and Les at Wellground Alpaca Stud for their first cria born this year! He looks a real "cracker".

We moved another step towards our goal today as I went to pick up Charles, our Canadian "Cabin Assembler" from Heathrow this morning. Whilst the weather is still pretty dismal, it looks promising for the week ahead and it will obviously give him and our "team" a real good chance to crack on with the build without too much hassle from the weather (I will regret saying that I am sure!). The "kit" arrives on Tuesday so I will spend tomorrow ensuring that all is in place and we have all the necessary tools/materials, etc.

Since this dreary time of year has an adverse effect on our wellbeing, I have decided to cheer myself up, and hopefully you, by posting a couple of earlier pictures of our farm and Alpacas taken during the summer months and also to serve as a reminder of how much drier and warmer our weather can be!!
These two are our first Easter-Wood Elite males. "Navigator" on the right and "Polaris" on the left.

This is Sheila enjoying a playfull moment with our last cria born in 2009 

On this note I will bid you farewell until next time.

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